I Am Above It All

He leaned forward in the chair in my office and I could see the pain in his face. O. W., as we all called him, was one of the most successful people in our community. He certainly lived in the largest home.  A great old southern plantation mansion which he had restored to more than the glory of its original days, no home in the county could come close to its grandeur. His wife of thirty pulse years was almost as beautiful as she was when she served as homecoming queen and O.W. was the captain of the football team. But her beauty paled compared to her personality, her ability to touch all people, and her love of their two boys, her husband, and the Lord. Now here he was telling me that all of this was coming to a screeching halt when the news broke that he had stolen more than ten million dollars from the investment firm his father had founded and he now ran. Ninety percent of the investments that were going to vanish with the news were owned by his friends and the local town folks who almost considered him a small god. And the story only got worst; there were girlfriends, alcoholic and drugs, gambling that he was involved in with other investors. His life had been a fraud, well hidden and extremely profitable but a fraud. When the fire swept through our county and the ashes were gathered you could see the climb at any cost to great heights, the personal failure of his character and the pride that helped him believe that he was above everyone and everything. O. W. took his own life before the media could demand it, but he left the ashes for his wife, sons, pastor, and friends.


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