When Do We Talk

I like to watch people. I really prefer to be far enough away that I cannot hear them but just watch. That way I can make up the conversation to suit myself. Since I eat alone in restaurants a lot I have many opportunities to do just that. Last week I watched a well-dressed couple sitting just across from me; both very attractive young adults, well dressed, responsible jobs they sit down took the menu, spoke to the waiter, and placed their order. For the next twenty minutes they talked and texted on their phones. She started by making a call, then he received one and back and forth it went even after their meal came and between bites they talked. An older couple just ate, that was it, they didn’t talk, exchanged almost no words with anyone, just ate.

Three girls, about 18 to 23 all got on their cell phones, ate and talked and sent some text messages. I wondered why these people were not doing what I was doing, eat alone. They were no company to each other, it didn’t matter who was at the table, they just talked to an unseen and unpresent audience. I realized now why the waiters are surprised when I speak to them; ask them if they are in school and just talk. They are not use to it, no one does that anymore. Even a table of preacher, you can tell, spoke now and then to each other but for the most part they talked on their phones, two of them even got up and went outside with their conversations. I wonder when we relax. Just enjoy the company of another person and talk face to face with real live present people. Will we forget how, maybe someday mothers will pick up a phone and text their babies, the kid is five but he only learned to text, not talk. Oh well I am old and with it goes old fashion ways, not right because they are old, but I am use to them and I like them and I think I will still talk to the waiter.


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  1. I like the way you think. I am no longer on FB because I feel it gets in the way of being present with my friends and family. I carry a cell phone for emergency purposes only and rarely even turn it on. People get mad at me because they can never “talk” to me anymore. They say I am unreachable. I guess they have all forgotten how to really communicate with someone. It’s sad and I often get lonely because the world around me doesn’t even know that I exist anymore. Unless I take up social media once more, and stay glued to my cell phone, I may never be seen again.

    • Thanks, we are on the same page.

  2. Couldn’t have been the DIXIE Cafe could it ?

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