He Noticed

Whatever you did for one the least of these brothers of Mine, you did for Me. Matthew 25:40

She had lived alone for a very long time. Her last relative had died more than 20 years earlier and few if any people even knew that she was alive. No one came to visit, the phone seldom rung, and her sofa had not been used for a number of years. Now she was sick and life was fleeing but there was no one who knew and no one who cared. Brittany a twelve year old girl scout knocked on her door and hearing a faint ‘come in’ she opened the door and step into a dark stale entrance. She saw the small, frail woman sitting alone by the window in the living room. She spoke softly and said, “Come in child, what I can do for you?” Brittany moved cautiously into the room and told her that she was selling Girl Scout Cookies. The lady nodded and asked her the price of a box, Brittany answered and watched as she opened the bag on the table beside her and took out the money. It seemed to take her a very long time. They talked a minute and Brittany left. The next day she remember to old lady and went back to visit, this happened on a regular basis for the next several months and MS Morton discovered a wonderful friend in the young girl. Brittany would sometimes bring her flowers and always asked if she needed for her to do some chore before she left. MS Morton would always hug her and say that the nurse who came three times a week would bring her everything she needed. Sometime Brittany would cry all the way back to her house thinking about how sad it must be to live all alone. In time Brittany visited to discover the door ajar and MS Morton on the floor deceased. When the state packed up her belongings they found a note where she had said that her greatest moments in life had been those spent with a twelve year old girl name Brittany. The world never noticed the loving spirit of Brittany, but MS Morton noticed and so did God.


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