Goodbye 2014

When I was in the first grade my mother decided she must do her part for the war effort so she took a job in a bomb factory about 25 miles from our home, this meant that she had to leave for work before I left for school, since my sisters also had to leave before I did it became their job to make sure I was up dressed and ready to leave for school when the big hand reached the number 4, I didn’t know anything about time but I knew that I had to leave when that big hand reached the 4, so I would walk around the stove in the dining room watching the clock waiting for the hand to hit 4. I didn’t know much about time but I knew to leave when the big hand hit 4, I was a bit like the old fellow who had the chiming grandfather clock and one night his clock went crazy and instead of striking 12 times at midnight it struck 13 times, in great fright he woke his wife and said get up wife it is later that it has ever been.
Well I have discovered that as the time of 2014 counts its way toward the end it is later than it has ever been, I never dreamed I would get this old, never thought that I would know and see the face of death, I expected it to come as a surprise, maybe while I served in the Navy, maybe on the highway, never like a visitor knocking on my door. But time is like that; live long enough and it will introduce you to old age, hurts, aches, pain, and yes fears. Not a fear of death, but a fear of doing that which you have never done before and for which you cannot practice. I am certain that I am prepared but also certain that in so many ways I am not ready, but there is the other side of time, I have time that I never dreamed I would have to preach, study, enjoy, even to take a nap in the middle of a ballgame, to watch my children, their families, see their dreams come true and to watch the kids grow up, root for them, to pray for them to share, if just in moments in their dreams and hopes.
Time to enjoy my friends, to sometimes hold their hands and weep with them the tears of goodbye, to always remember them and share in their love for me and my love for them. To visit all the places in Byrdstown, to speak to people, talk with people, rejoice with people, time can be very good. So goodbye 2014 and welcome 2015, I plan to live you to the fullest. Ivan

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