My Old Coat

I wish there were some wonderful place called the Land of Beginning Again where all my mistakes and all my heartache like a dirty old coat could be left at the gate and never put on again. If I have said that once I have said it a thousand times it is a corruption of a poem written by E. Lutzer, his is much better, but my altered version says what my heart says. I know that there is such a place, for some it will be the manger at Bethlehem, others will see it in the gentle words of Jesus, many at the foot of the cross, and still others at that moment when they turned loose of their life and allowed Christ to mark their journey by His map. For me it was a Thursday night in February of 1947 when from the third row from the front on the left side at Calvary Baptist Church, corner of Lexington and Tomlin, in Jackson, Tennessee, that I stepped down the isle of our church gave my hand to Dr. Walter Warmouth and my heart to Jesus. So life does begin at Calvary, and that started from the heart of God by way of the stable of Bethlehem. I have made a lot of mistakes since that Thursday in 1947, failed, and dropped the ball, use what pleases you to make a negative, but that night God took the heart of a nine year old boy from 246 South Lindsey Street, opened its door and stepped inside. I am sure He wanted to leave a thousand times and more but He did not and He will not; for from the cross He had told me to bring all my mistakes and all my heartache to Him and I could leave them there and like a worn out coat, dirty and ragged never put it on again. Christmas is a wonderful time for me to say one more time, Thank you Lord for the Land of Beginning Again, thank you for taking my old coat and placing around my unworthy body the Glorious coat of your Son, Jesus.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this beautiful testimony. The words you wrote really touched my heart. My six year old daughter just told me this week that “You can’t see Jesus because He is in your heart saving you!” I love the way she continually reminds me that He is always there.

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