Christmas 1914

Christmas 1914

Dad seemed to remember the Christmas of 1914 rather well, maybe it was because all the talk of that year was the Great War in Europe, maybe it was his age, nine, and maybe it was something that even he did not fully understand. When he got up on that Christmas morning he found an orange, apple, three pecans, and a pair of socks under the tree marked with his name; his twin sister received a small doll, apple, she didn’t like oranges, three pecans and a pair of socks, his oldest sister received a pair of shoes and three pecans, his youngest brother a stick horse carved by his father, orange, apple and three pecans. He remembered with joy sitting with his father on the enclosed porch enjoying each bite of the apple and orange as his father sliced them with his pocket knife, and one by one he and his three siblings enjoyed the tales of his father as he share the memories of a Christmas now long gone. His mother prepared a hen with dumplings, green beans, put up in the summer, mashed potatoes, her thin skillet corn bread, and the best strawberry jelly anyone had ever tasted from her storage of glass jar food put away in the harvest months. They spent the day sharing, his dad read the story of the birth of Jesus and as darkness captured the day they all fell asleep in the peace, that they were well bless and so very fortunate to have so much.

Christmas 1914 would not recognize the Christmas of 2014, and yet few of us will sleep as well or understand as they that we are a very blessed people. Ivan

I hope for you and yours a beautiful Christ filled Christmas, for more than an apple, orange, and three pecans; I hope for you the love of a story, more than two thousand years old but as new as the dawn of our coming to see and know the Son.
Merry Christmas 1914

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