The Panda Bear

I always wanted a panda bear; you know one of those black and white stuffed ones. Not much of a gift for a guy, but I still liked it but never did get one. Tried at the fair a couple of times but the best I could do was a broken china doll. Somewhere about the ninth or tenth grade I bought a panda bear and gave it to the girl I was ‘dating’ not sure what else to call it, we saw each other at school and church, about the total sum but I got her a panda bear for Christmas. Not much of a gift, but give me credit, it was something I wanted so it was a nice gift in my way of thinking. Years later, about 15 or so I met the girl’s mother in downtown Jackson, we talked a minute, caught up with the last several years, telling things that both families had been doing, in the course of the conversation she told me that ‘Shirley’ (Not the real name- to protect the innocent) was shopping in a store down the street and would be out in a minute and I could see her and meet her four year old daughter. Boy it had been a long time. Sure enough in just a few minutes she came walking out of the store, holding the hand of her daughter who was dragging a panda bear in her other hand as they walked toward me. We greeted each other, talked a minute about old times and she said remember this and held up the panda bear, now with a pink tummy. She explained that her daughter just loved the bear and had worn his tummy out dragging it everywhere she went so she had patched it with a piece of pink cloth. We hugged, I stooped down and told the young girl to take good care of the bear and was off to my own world as they headed to theirs. Not bad I thought, not bad, the old bear turned out to a real plus for someone. I wish half of my Christmas gifts could have been loved as much.

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