I Love Christmas

I love Christmas, there I go using that word again, but ‘like’ does not get it so love it shall be, the smells, the sounds, the scenes, and it is all so very wonderful to me. I don’t mind the Black Friday Shoppers, I just don’t go but a lot of people love them so let it be. When I was a boy we always had a cedar tree for our Christmas tree so that is the one I smell and the one that is best to me. Even in the war when light were difficult to get, dad was able to keep a few burning on our tree. After the war we had those bubble light, looked like candles and really did bubble, they were great. Mother filled the house with the aroma of Christmas food being cooked; I can still taste and smell tangerines, in my boyhood we only had them at Christmas. The songs, wow, too many to count and to recall but I enjoyed them all. In one of the churches I pastored we had a huge ‘Living Christmas Tree’, it was glorious. As a boy, Santa is coming to town would get me and then the letter sent to Santa and read over the radio, man that was good stuff. I would fold down the corners of the pages of the Sears and Roebuck Catalogue where I had circled the gifts I wanted. Never received many of them but it was a lot of fun to search and mark and dream.

Christmas was never complete without the gathering of the family on Christmas Eve and the opening of all the gifts except those from Santa. The room was full of paper, bows, children, parents and Mom and Dad; Not a bad way to spend Christmas Eve. Dream on Old Man, dream on.


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  1. I agree with you very much about Christmas but have you ever thought about the fact that if there had not been an Easter we probably would not be celebrating the Birth of that Baby.

    Rob Dolder

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    • Good point without Easter there is no Christmas

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