He Came Home – To Go Home

Guest Author: Rob Dolder
He Came Home – To Go Home
“Not many of you will know this man, Will Thornburg. He was a very troubled man that lived in Tarpon Springs and was a part of the young adult ministries of the church in the 90’s and beyond. While he was not around much over the last few years, many of us still saw him and talked with him often. Recently, he became homeless and very ill. Last Monday, Will made it back to the place of the old Outreach center. The place I believe he remembered being loved and receiving affirmation, counseling and acceptance. Will returned one last time to this place and fell asleep to wake in heaven. I am not surprised that he chose this place to find his final moments of peace on this earth before going to heaven. It appears that he died of illness and natural causes rather than some type of foul means. He is no longer tormented in his mind and his failing body has been renewed. All of the desires that he felt for things of this world have now been replaced by the ultimate fulfillment of being in the presence of his Savior. Will spent many hours in the offices of Ray Owens, Eddie Taylor, myself and others at the church. Will was not just a no named homeless man that died on the streets of Tarpon Springs. He was important to a lot of us and we all wish there had been more we could have done to help him. We pray a blessing tonight for Will and his family. Thank you Lord for bringing Will into our lives. I am certain that we have all learned as much from him as he did from us. Will gave me a small gift of a meteorite that I keep in my office; I will cherish it and remember Will always. God bless you Will.”
David Bolton, Board of Directors, Family Discipleship Ministries, Tarpon Springs, FL
Here is the rest of the story:
The day before his passing, this past Monday, Will Thornburg came to church (The First United Methodist Church, Tarpon Springs, FL) after not having been there for many years. The Head Usher, Keith Thornburgh (no relation) knew Will Thornburg from past attendance at the church. Will Thornburg took a “Pew Envelope” and put a penny in it and gave it to Keith. Will said, “It’s not much but it’s all I have.” Keith put it in the offering plate. The following day, Will Thornburg was found on the church property, under a bush, deceased. He appears to have died from a heart attack, according to the authorities.
Rob Dolder
Tarpon Springs, FL

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  1. Will was a lobg time friend of mine. I am working on his guutarvto hang at The Neptune Lounge, where will had worked as a doorman and maintenance. I miss my friend, his intellectual mind and his love of Christ! Thank You for your kind words…

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