Where Am I

Where Am I
Yesterday and today I woke up in a world I did not know. Streets filled with unhappy and sometimes very destructive people, buildings on fire, the lifelong investment of a family in a small business in their community destroyed, I wanted to cry, is this America? I know our people have a right to speak, to protest, to dislike something; but when did we decide that our right at the dislike of something gave us the right to destroy what others have worked long and hard to build.
Somewhere we left our respect for the law, the system, authority, and replaced it with the ugly acts of destruction and criminal actions. We go in a business, fill our arms with merchandise and walk out as though we have a right to become a thief because we do not like the system.
Now I am sure that this is an over simple view of what is happening in our country, but maybe a simple look would bring more justice and peace than the ugly acts of the last two nights.
I do not have the answer, but I know the one who does so on this thanksgiving eve I will lift my country before the Lord as I weep my tears for those who are hurting and those who have been harmed.

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  1. Very well spoken

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