The Unopened Letter

David wasn’t certain where he was, it was a very noises and bright room. People were talking over one another; they all seemed worried, anxious, and fearful. Then he hear one voice say call it; a soft female voice said 4:10. The room became silent, water was running, hands were being washed, and voices were now in a very low tone. For the first time since being aware that he was in this room he saw the man standing by the door, hand outstretched and asking in a silent voice, are you ready? David got up took the man’s hand and they walked out of the room and building with complete silence. The man said, don’t ask all of those questions, just listen, in a few days you will begin to understand. With that he said, here is the key to your room and the address to the hotel, you will find what you need there and I will see you tomorrow. With that the man left and David found himself in front of a large hotel, he looked at the key which the man had given him and noticed, 1810 marked on the front, he got on the elevator and sure enough his key fit the door to room 1810.

There was a large envelope on the bed, he opened it and began to read all of the information, and looking at the pictures, the envelope was dirty, wrinkled, and unopened. He looked at the clock by the bed and noticed that it was twenty minutes after seven, he went to the bathroom, looked at himself in the mirror picked up the brush on the sink and ran it through his hair, he left the room, went down to the lobby found the restaurant and ate supper, he noticed he had several credit cards in his pocket, all with a name he did not know, David Newlife, the first name was his but where did the second one come from, but it worked when he gave it to the waiter so he picked up a paper and went back to his room .He awoke at eight, took his shower found the clothes in the drawer and the navy uniform in the closet. He dressed, got off the elevator and a hotel manager said, “Commander Do you require a car this morning?” without thinking he said yes, but I would first like to get some breakfast. Certainly the a smartly dressed man responded, and by the way Commander I noticed you put you dinner last night on a personal card, I changed it to a hotel charge, just sign the bill this morning and put your room number where it is asked for, by the way Commander, thank you for your service to our country. With that he had walked across the lobby and through a door marked Staff.

As promised the car was waiting for him as he left the hotel, he gave the driver the address and read the summary of the papers from last night once again.

They stopped at the front of a nice modest home in a quiet area of the city, David walked to the door and knocked, a young lady answered, he notice that under all of the grief and tear stained face was a beautiful lady. He called her name told her that he had known her husband as he held out his ID card and if possible would like to share a moment with her. She invited him in and asked how did a commander know her husband who was a Chief Corpsman. He explained that he was in the same unit as her husband and had been with him the day he had been killed. He told her like it was just yesterday how much her husband had loved her and talked about her and what a great example he had been to all of the men in Seal team 14. He explained that when the Navy made a final examination of all that they had returned with they had found an unmailed letter that he had written to her but which was never posted, with that he handed her the unopened letter.

She asked a million questions, cried a lot of tears, and asked if she might hug him for this wonderful closure to the death of her husband. They walked to the door, she thanked him over and over, he assured her that the privilege was his and the duty, while sad, was very important to both of them. With that he opened the door placed his cover back on his head and once more hugged this now healing young wife.

His car was waiting and the man from yesterday was standing holding open the door of the car, he was the driver.


(This is a fictional story that is part of something I am working on, if you care to comment please do. }

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