When Time Was Young

War Years

My father was over the age of being drafted so our home did not post a star in our window as so many of the homes on Lindsey and throughout East Jackson.  Dad joined the state guard and became a warden for the special needs of the community during the years of conflict.  I remember when we had the blackout drills that dad would walk the street and make sure that all the lights were out and our community was supporting the war effort.  He took special training for firefighting, crowd control, and evacuation assistance. While he never had to uses those skills he was glad to place himself at the disposal of his community.  Our church hung a large American Flag in our worship center and pinned a picture of all the men from our church serving our country. I remember one Sunday a lonely looking lady with her face stained in tears came down the aisle and asked if we would be willing to put a picture of her son on our flag even though they were not member of our church.  The pastor stopped the service and called for our janitor to bring the ladder and he climbed to the flag and put that boy’s picture on one of the stars of the flag. I don’t think I will ever forget how moved our people were and how our entire congregation wept that day for the dear mother and her son.  Before the war was over we put that picture and the pictures of six of our young men on gold stars because they would never come back to Calvary, they had given their all in the conflict.

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