Just Love

They looked cute together the old couple sitting in the restaurant holding hands across the table, talking quietly, looking like they had just met. The server noticed their warm spirit and deciding to join in asked them how long they had been married. He smiled and said, almost 60 years, will be this May. “Well you certainly look like it has agreed with you.” The server responded and they both smiling said almost in unison, it has been a wonderful journey. Over hearing the exchange the other guest in the restaurant begin to clap and the whole of the room was filled with a resounding ‘Happy Anniversary.’ To a person those celebrating this almost sixty year old marriage felt sure that it had truly been one of a kind and a journey without mountains and valleys. No one would have guessed that they had buried two of their children after a tragic accident. That she had waited for him almost three years while he made the landings in the Pacific during the ‘Big War’. He had returned without a job and they had lived on a small farm just making it year by year for most of those first thirty years. He had waited on her as she overcame the darkness of losing her two children and she had watched him as his first business failed and success seemed to always evade his adventures. The years had not been without their gullies, but the marriage and love had not been built on the success of daily earnings but rather on the faith they share in each other and God’s eternal plan for them to be a couple. For He had said, ‘thus a man takes a woman and the two become one.’ Love can be real.

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