When Weddings Have Goofs

I thought it might be fun to share with our readers some weddings that as a pastor I have both been a part of and learned about from other pastors. The first of these happen to me many years ago and in such a place that none of you would be able to put it together. I was going through the vows with the bride and groom when she mouthed to me that she had forgotten the grooms ring. I pointed to my ring finger and began to remove it so that I could slip it to her and no one would be the wiser. About that same time it occurred to the bride’s mother that she did not have the ring so she slipped out of her front row seat went into the brides dressing room retrieved the ring and then in order to get it to me she duck walked behind the choir rail with the missing ring in hand and suddenly I felt this tapping on my bottom. I reached behind me and she place the ring firmly into my hand. Then she slowly duck walked back to the choir door, returned to the service and felt secure in believing that no one was the wiser. Unfortunately she did not realize that our TV camera located high in the back ceiling had recorder for the world to forever see her famous duck walk. At the reception we showed the tape over and over and all had a great laugh.
I followed at one church a pastor who thought it would be fun to really perform the ceremony on the night of the rehearsal. He did so, signed the license gave them to the couple and told them that now they could relax for the next day the ‘real’ wedding would just be a walk through and there would be no need to be nervous. Now that seemed innocent enough on the surface but unknowing to him the bride and groom took off that night for their honeymoon. The next day when the guest arrived for the wedding all was well except no bride and groom, they were a ‘no show.’ Since the bride’s parents had spent several thousands of dollars on the wedding and since they were both leading member of the congregation you can understand why I followed that minister. Yep, he got the ax that night. For sure I never made that mistake. A couple of other ‘wedding disasters’ and then I close.
I had a groom who became so nervous that when I said, “Tom repeat after me”, he said, “Tom repeat after me.” I was so surprised that I lost it and just said, “Tom do you want to marry her?” He smiled really big and said, “I sure do and thanks for not having all that repeating.”
Yes I had one wedding where the groom did not show. It was a tragic day but in time it proved to be a wonderful gift that he had given to the rejected bride for she would have spent a life of regret had he shown.
Once the groom dropped the ring and it rolled across the floor and through the air condition vent. We waited until later to retrieve the ring and many of the people attending the wedding never knew of the journey of that dropped ring. The best man pretended to pick it up and we went on as if nothing had happened.
There have been candles that set the decorations on fire, bride’s maids who have fainted and soloist who forgot and did not show. License not purchased tuxedo that did not fit and many, many small children that had a circus.
But on June 20, 2009 we were all blessed and impressed as our friends, Ian Gilliam and Heather Capps took their covenant vows. All went well and it would have been perfect except that when the pastor, who happened to be me, went to introduce the newly married couple he said, ‘I present to you Mr. and Mrs. Ian Gibson.’ Wrong last name. Maybe I was thinking that Ian looked like Eddie, I’m sure it wasn’t Sam. I made the correction to Mr. and Mrs. Ian Gilliam and as if he wanted to save me from total embarrassment one of the groomsmen, we want name him; just call him, TC, as the wedding party was leaving the alter area, picked up one of the bridesmaids and carried her out of the church. The congregation loved it and all applauded. The last I heard I still have a job, but if you wish to hear me preach I suggest you attend very soon.

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