We Won the Night

When I was a boy I sold papers on the street in downtown Jackson; you could go to the Jackson Sun office after 3:30 and for a nickel you would get two papers, you would sell them for five cents each so you made back your nickel plus one additional nickel. I started out investing a quarter, ten papers, I could sell them at the bus stop in about an hour, so I had made a quarter, and it wasn’t long until I learned that the more I put into the job the more I would get back. For example I could buy 20 papers for fifty cents and in about the same hour sell all of them and I would have a profit of fifty cents, you see the more I invested the more I received in return.
That is still true in life, you can see it in so many different ways; all of us in Byrdstown saw it last week when our city got behind our football team, we talked about the homecoming game, our boys, each one on the team asked a girl to allow them to escort them on the field at halftime, the city business put up black and gold bows, the students had a parade, people turned out for the event and there were a lot of folks lining the streets as the team and students came by with police cars, fire truck, and lots of private cars, it was great; I am sure that at the game that night we had one of the best nights of attendance in our recent football history. It was great, we did not win the game but we won the night, our team played with character and our fans showed up and cheered with full enthusiasm. We put more in and we got a lot more out of the event. I had a great time and our fans had a great time and our boys and lady coach were honored, we were a winning town that night.
Did you learn something? I think we all did, we have a lot to be proud of in Pickett County and we have a second opportunity this coming weekend to have a winning event; the Sierra Hull Concert is big city worthy, let’s put a lot in this year and I know we will receive a lot back in return.

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