Not Much Has Changed

I heard a lot of noise and could see red lights flashing in my windows, I looked at the clock and noticed that it was a little past four the morning. I put on some slacks, got my jacket and went out front; there had been some type of accident with the north bound train on the track that was just a couple of hundred feet west of my house, I went out to the street walked up to the now stopped train and asked the state trooper who was standing in the middle of the road what had happened, he told me that a drunk driver had driven through the guard stop and into the side of the train. His car had been carried about three hundred yards hung between cars of the train before the engineer could get it stopped. Other than destroying the car there was little damage, the driver had been taken to the hospital but more because he was drunk than injured, of course the train had not been damaged and was soon on its way.
Some months later the drunk driver sued the railroad for damages to himself and his car, I went to the first hearing and was astonished to hear the driver of the car say it was the railroads fault because they had not blown the whistle. He never mentioned that he had driven through the cross arm that was designed to block the traffic, nor the blinking of the light’s on the post. I could see that the judge was almost laughing, but he asked the lawyer for the railroad if he wished to say anything, he told the judge he doubted if the driver could have heard the whistle for he hit the train 72 cars behind the engine. Of course the case was dismissed and the driver never did understand why the big railroad with all of their money did not have to pay him for his car.
That was about 1964 and if you will notice with me people are still expecting to get something from those who have, we have not changed much in 50 years.

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Backward Turn Backward

And now, Israel, what doth the Lord thy God require of thee, but to fear the Lord thy God, to walk in all his ways, and to love Him . . . Deuteronomy 10:12
Backward turn backward O time in your flight make me a boy again if just for tonight. Let me ride my bike on Lindsey street, jump from the bank into Jones’ creek, feel funny when I see Betty Upton, make a four wheeler with and old lawnmower engine and feel so very young. Let me play ball in the street, stand and watch the ‘Service Men’ run down the street to their training station, and feel protected by my mother and father. But time turns not backward, and I will never be a boy again, even for one night. But I can be what God wants me to be and I can do what God desires for me to do. I can have faith in Him, walk in His ways, and love Him with all my heart. God I really want to do that.

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Just Love

They looked cute together the old couple sitting in the restaurant holding hands across the table, talking quietly, looking like they had just met. The server noticed their warm spirit and deciding to join in asked them how long they had been married. He smiled and said, almost 60 years, will be this May. “Well you certainly look like it has agreed with you.” The server responded and they both smiling said almost in unison, it has been a wonderful journey. Over hearing the exchange the other guest in the restaurant begin to clap and the whole of the room was filled with a resounding ‘Happy Anniversary.’ To a person those celebrating this almost sixty year old marriage felt sure that it had truly been one of a kind and a journey without mountains and valleys. No one would have guessed that they had buried two of their children after a tragic accident. That she had waited for him almost three years while he made the landings in the Pacific during the ‘Big War’. He had returned without a job and they had lived on a small farm just making it year by year for most of those first thirty years. He had waited on her as she overcame the darkness of losing her two children and she had watched him as his first business failed and success seemed to always evade his adventures. The years had not been without their gullies, but the marriage and love had not been built on the success of daily earnings but rather on the faith they share in each other and God’s eternal plan for them to be a couple. For He had said, ‘thus a man takes a woman and the two become one.’ Love can be real.

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I Can’t Believe

I never dreamed that I would live in a world like this – so many wonderful things to enjoy, to make life easier, to fill our minds, challenge our growth in knowledge, and yet in spite of all that we have and all that is available to us – we live in a world of unrest, sadness, and fear.
So many things are considered ‘rights’ by so many people, things which we grew up knowing were wrong, against the will of God and in fact destructive to us and our way of life, but to express such an opinion today is considered disrespectful of others and we are accused of being narrow minded and Prejudice. How did we go wrong, when, where, what choice was it that we made, what corner did we turn and discover ourselves with so very much, but little if any of the peace, the joy, and the happiness it should bring?
Could it have been when God blessed us so much that we didn’t need to pray about anything, we didn’t need to ask for anything because we already had it, and God forbid that we would take the time to stop and thank Him for all of our blessings?
Do we need another war, another plague, another disaster to make us come to God? I just remembered: God said we could not serve two masters; maybe our problem is that we are serving the wrong master. Ivan

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Having a Good Time in Europe

Ivans Stories

If you want to have a wonderful time visiting Europe you need to contact son Jim, his wife Jutta and her parents, they know the way around, speak good English, will meet you at the airport and take you by the hand to a wonderful time. One of the things I liked about Germany was that there are so many things there older than I am, wow, they have churches built long before Columbus discovered America, the printing press on which the first bible was printed in 1445, even ruins of old Roman forts. There is much to see, awe about and enjoy. We drove 150 KM per hour on the highway, man I was moving, we saw the great paintings of the world and I kissed Ms Carole under the Effie Tower. Of course we would have had a good time just spending it with Matilda but the kids…

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I Found Ice in Germany

I have never consider myself a hard person to please, I think most people feel this way about themselves, but I really do have very few things that I really want or need. One of those is ice, yes just plain ole ice like you put in tea or drinks, I really like ice. When I check in a hotel room the first thing I do is fill up the bucket with ice, that’s it, I am then a happy man. But ice in Germany is very difficult to find. They just don’t have ice in most places. For the first week I was there I asked at every place we ate for ice, none, nope we have ice cream but not ice water. The refrigerator in most homes do not have freezers, so no ice to be made, no ice for sale in stores, non to be had in a restaurant. On our last day in Germany Carole and I were in the central part of the city and went for lunch in a nice looking restaurant on the plaza and of course I asked one more time, “Do you have Ice?” “Certainly” he replied and returned with a full glass of ice; wow was I a happy man. I poured my light coke, cost $6, over it and just grinned like the silly old man that I am, happy at last, ice all I wanted, ice. It was wonderful! Before our lunch arrived I excused myself and went to the restroom, big mistake, big…. When I entered the room all of the men’s facilities were filled to the brim with ice, yes I said ice, all of them. I returned to my table and left all that was left of my six dollar coke and full glass of ice, just wasn’t sure where it came from, just had a whisper of fear, for now I know what they do with ice in Germany and it is not to pour coke over….

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Corner of Lexington and Tomlin

I was born on Lexington Ave, in Jackson, TN two doors down from Hampton Street then when I was still a baby we moved next door to the corner house and from there we moved to 246 South Lindsey Street in November when I turned four so my memories of those days are very few but I do have some memories that my mother and father told me about that seem to be very real.
Our church was just across the street and a couple of houses down toward the east so it was always in sight and as long as I can remember that was my church. I loved Calvary Baptist Church at the corner of Lexington and Tomlin.
My dad said that one Sunday morning as we were all getting ready to go to church that he heard several cars blowing their horns out on Lexington and decided to go and see what all the horn blowing was about. There I was in all my Sunday best standing in the middle of Lexington Avenue holding a stick in my hand stopping all of the traffic. Of course it only took dad a moment to realize the problem and he rushed into the street, picked me up and on the way back to the house asked what in the world I was doing. He said that I told him that I wanted to be the first person in church that Sunday so I decided to block the traffic so that no one could get there before I did. I guess we should have known then that I was going to become a pastor, I have always loved church, mother said that after we moved to Lindsey Street if we drove by the church and lights were on that I would pitch a fit because we were not there. It didn’t matter to me if it was a ladies meeting or a deacon’s meeting, if someone was in church I wanted to be in church.
I have wonderful memories of Calvary, as an old man I can say for certain that they knew how to love a little boy there. It was there that I made my profession of faith at the age of nine and was baptized and it was there that I preached my first sermon when I was sixteen years of age. I always wanted to pastor a church named Calvary and said that I would buy up every billboard around and put on it – Life Begins at Calvary, Corner of Lexington and Tomlin.
The church family moved some years after I left, I preached the last revival in the building and then took part in the first revival at their new building. The building is still there and when I visited one day about five years ago it stirred up so many memories that I had to weep. For life did begin for me at Calvary, there at the Corner of Lexington and Tomlin. To all those who made it possible, and I know they are all now in Glory, thank you, thank you for knowing how to love a little boy.

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When Loving Is Hard

They had not been in our community but a couple of months when I met them. They had purchased an old restored home on the river in the low country that came with more than a thousand acres of land. He had hired a local farmer to come over and run his place along with his own farm which joined near the road frontage. According to Ted, the local farmer, it was a sweet deal for both of them but he found the man very reserved and difficult to get to know and had not in fact ever seen his wife in all of their dealings. Ted’s wife had gone with him on one of the meetings hoping to welcome both his wife and him to the community but had simply been told that his wife was asleep in the bedroom, he thanked them for their visit and the food which she had brought to give them and nothing more. So as I drove up the drive I did not know what to expect. I had seen him in town near the doctor’s office once but only had an opportunity for a passing hello. As I walked up the steps he came through the front door and greeted me with a handshake an invitation to sit on the large porch with its beautiful view of the rolling green yard down to the river. He offered very little information, answered a few questions and side stepped others. I invited them to church and left. Ted told me a couple of weeks later that he thought maybe his wife was sick for he had seen the doctors car at the house twice in the last week. Since the doctor and I were friends I asked him what he could tell me that would not break his relationship, his reply was, go see him, he needs a friend. So back to the country I went and this time he invited me into the house, we had a coke, shared some small talk and I asked if his wife was ill. He said yes and then almost as an afterthought took me back to the bedroom to visit with her. A nurse, whom he later explained the doctor had arranged, was in the room, he introduced us and told her to take a few minutes and she left the room. He introduced me to his wife and, told her I was the local pastor, and she blinked her eyes, smiled just a bit and I could see the tears forming in them. We talked a minute as we stood by her bed I asked if I might pray and when I was finished I could see the tears flowing down her face. He walked me back to my car, thanked me for coming and said he would be happy for me to come back anytime but not to bring visitors, he did not think that would be good for her. So began a journey of two years: to make the story fit your time his wife had ALS, she had left him for a younger man and about four years later when she learned she was sick she returned to their home. He had welcomed her but his friends though him such a fool and his family so dislike his taking her back that he had purchased the house and moved so that they might spend their final days in peace. I watched him care for her like you would care for a child and what he could not do he had nurses come in to do for him. He never wavered, never tired, never complained, and spent those two years caring for the person who had broken his heart. I left the low country and heard from friends that after her death he had left as quietly as he had arrived. He never told me he was a Christian, never attended church, but he displayed the forgiving, forgetting love of God each day that I knew him. I hope that somewhere in those later years he found someone who loved him like he had loved Helen.

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Come to See Us

For those of you looking for a quick and great place to enjoy a couple of days and see the wonders of the fall, you should plan on coming to Byrdstown, TN. Just 41 miles off of highway 40 in Cookeville on highway 111 North you will not only discover the great beauty of fall but also the town and community along with the people of yesterday. Friendly, happy to see you, and eager to make you feel welcome just stop at the Shell as you enter the area and you will see the welcome of the community, by the way gas today is $2.69.9 per gallon, I have not seen it lower anywhere between here and Nashville. Our trees are as beautiful as a trip to the Smoky Mountains would be, our Dale Hollow lake cannot be matched and just take a drive down some of the back roads and you will thrill at the beauty with which God has painted this area.
Some things you might like know, we have three nice boat docks, boats available at each one, fishing is good, if you wish to spend the night we have a nice, simple motel where nothing is fancy but it is respectable and clean along with accommodations at the boat docks and no doubt a couple of hundred homes with great lake views for rent, come on Friday night and the Dixie café has live bluegrass, first class music and food, also live music on Saturday night and a country ham breakfast to keep the doctor in business for less than nine dollars. The next couple of weekends we will have our community players presenting the ‘Sound of Music’, we are home to the birthplace of the longest serving Secretary of State in our nation’s history, Cordell Hull, and about thirty minutes from the home and birthplace of Sargent York. We are even going to have a black bear season this year, but if you kill one please don’t tell me.
I would suggest turning east by the Dairy Queen and following that road as far as you like, it is a beautiful drive, then back on Hwy 111 and make a stop at the Welcome Center, on the east side of 111 you can get all the information you can use.
A drive through downtown Byrdstown and over to Sargent York’s home by way of Moodyville another beautiful drive.
You really should plan your trip to worship with us at First Baptist, 11:00 A.M. Central, we would make you feel at home, you will be out by 12 and will not even miss the time. You might just like to come and live here, we do not have a traffic light and all the teachers know all of the students and their families by name. Our school is also one of the highest rated schools in Tennessee. We are very much what America use to be we are just red, white, and blue to the bone, we are the America of your grandparents.
Call me; I just might take you to Sunday dinner at the Dixie, 931-864-3816.

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The sun was just beginning to break through the clouds of the eastern sky as he walked toward the grave of his son. It had been less than a week since they place his body in that grave and already he could not remember what the fight had been about. Something to do with his son wanting to go somewhere and his saying no until they got into one of those familiar fights that so often drove deep wedges between them. He did not remember why he had not wanted him to go, just that he had said so and that should be enough. But now he would never say yes and never say no again. The tears blocked his vision of the still fresh dirt that covered the grave, his body wanted to shake, his head wanted to explode, and his voice wanted to shout, “I am sorry son!” but there was no one to hear and no way for the words to reach through that awful dirt. Sixteen years that was all he had to touch, speak, and hold his son; too little time, not a lifetime, it should have been a lifetime and his son should be standing here and the grave should be his, but it was not so and not all the time and tears and screams would change that certain fact. He said in a low tear filled voice, “Son I wish I had known about today, about the wreck last week, about the shortness of our time. Son, O my son how I wish I had been a better father.” He turned to walk toward the car and in his heart he saw the visions of thousands of fathers coming to say the same to their sons. On Sunday with tears streaming down his face he would say, “Live now, love now, use now, for it can be so very short and then it can never be again.” Ivan

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