The Great Bargain

I took a couple of days off last week and drove down to Mississippi to visit with daughter Mary and her family then up to Memphis to visit with son Vann and family. I had a wonderful time but by the time I left O Charlie’s I was worn out, the more than 400 miles had taken their toll and my missed nap had capped the day off with a great need for sleep. I decided that instead of driving 400 more miles I would find me a bargain hotel and get a fresh start the next morning. About 11 I found the deal of the night a room at a national chain motel for $39.95, I had it made. I checked in got my key and went to the room as I opened the door I realized that someone had used the room and left it in a real mess, so back to the office and sharing with the night clerk, he apologized and gave me a key to another room, opened it up and yep, all had been made up, so I got my overnight bag and started to settled in; the air condition was not on but that is not so unusual, I checked the unit, front was missing no button to push but I was not to be beaten, searching to make sure it was plugged in I noticed an overload button by the outlet, bingo, it started, the temp was set at 60 and since there were no buttons, what the heck, better to be too cool than too hot, so now for the television, puncher would not turn it on but I am a master at this, I found a red button on the back and yep, you are right, it came on, now the puncher worked and it was full of channels, some were pale but plenty worked and I only need one to put me to sleep so ok, I have it made, air and TV, then I checked the bed, looked clean, turned down the cover all looked ok, but the floor, the floor was something else so I am back at the office, asked for a number of towels, got them, back to the room I now have a new floor, I am on the go. Got the Ice Bucket, the Ice machine worked, I am in business, coke vendor, not working, but I am not to be beaten there is a service station next door, cokes, candy bar, pack of chips and I am ready for the night. The door seemed a bit unsteady so I put both chairs in front of it made sure if anyone tried to open it they would get jammed against the wall and would not open, odor was a bit strange in the room, maybe it was the new Colorado smell, you know what they call grass, but not sure, never tried it, but was told once that it was what I was smelling so think it might have been the grass of Colorado. Hit the bed found something boring on TV, drink coke, ate chips and candy fell asleep an other than a banging on the door at about two, I said, ‘wrong room go away’, they did, morning came, no hot water, free breakfast, not sure what you would have called it but I had enjoyed all of the $39.95 Bargain I could stand, so off to home with a pledge that I would miss the next $39.95 Bargain. My wife had no sympathy with my night, said that is what I get for being cheap. My advice to you, if you are driving down interstate 40 and you see a sign that says rooms $39.95, just keep on going. Ivan

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  1. Made me laugh out loud! Sounds like David! I am like Carole!

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