Keep On, Keeping On

Like most kids I started a lot of projects when I was young. I raised rabbits, man I had a lot of rabbits in a very short time but got too attached to them and didn’t want to kill them to sell to the market that said they would buy them, dead and cleaned. So I just ended up with a lot of rabbits and a large feed bill. I once raised pigeons for the New Southern Hotel, of course dad had to do the dressing of those and they are not really nice birds in their bathroom habits, A lot of upkeep and very little money in pigeon farming. I raised butter beans one year and had a fight with a mother hen who encouraged her chicks to dig in my beans. She won the battle by flogging me. Butter beans are not worth a flogging to an eight year old boy. Then I decided to raise radishes one year and planted them in a very nice place in my back yard. Being about ten at the time I was very anxious for them to grow so I kept pulling them up to check on them and make sure their progress was good. By the time harvest came I had only a few that had not been ‘killed’ by my effort to encourage them to grow. I am certainly please that God does not do us that way. I am sure there are times when He wishes to snatch us up by the hair, but thankfully, He gives us another day and another opportunity. In a world that is unfair and where we see people who are doing wrong come out like they are the ‘good guys’ it is very easy to become discouraged and give up, just stop. Join the crowd and let our stand for right either change or be hidden. However His word says don’t stop: keep on and in time the harvest will come. God gives us opportunity after opportunity, His love and His kindness is wrapped in His forgiveness and time after time He allows us to start over. ‘I want to thank you Lord for having loving patience with me and not giving up on me when I am difficult and unprofitable and not worth the effort, because if you did I would not have a chance at being your child.’

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  1. Ditto!
    I love your stories, your thought process and your humor. It reminds me of my uncle who just went to be with Jesus. You see the world in a beautiful way!

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