Of Value

Do not fear therefore; you are of more value than many sparrows. Matthew 10:31
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if a man’s true value could be known by those who know him at the time of his living? How nice it would also be if he were aware of their feelings. But then that is not the way with life but it is the way with Christ. Jesus shared with His followers that while sparrows were very cheap to purchase they were still so important that God always knew when they perished. Then he reminded them that they were much more important than many sparrows. A man lives his life, does his best, follows the calling of God and in the best way he knows how he finishes the course, completes his task and then grows old. No one ever notices the task, the finished path, and the worth of the old man. Somewhere people care for his body as his mind covers its self with fog and fades into the shadow as just another of the very old who must be cared for until death claims them. Really does seem a bit of a shame that no one ever says, “You really did well.” Maybe as Christians one of our callings would be to honor the value of other, to learn the attitude of gratitude and express it to those whom we meet. It may seem like a small thing but what about the young man who carries out your groceries, the nurse who attends to you while you wait for the doctor, the child who looks up with those beautiful innocent eyes, just a hello, thank you, what’s your name. Who knows it could really make someone’s day. I still have a letter that a man, complete stranger, sent me when my picture was in the newspaper for an award I received in school. Maybe his secretary sent the letter, I don’t know and it does not matter for when it came along with the article out of the paper and his words of friendship and congratulations it made my day and now all these years later I still remember that moment. We think little of sparrows but Jesus is touched by the death of each. Let us learn to be thankful and grateful to the point that it shows in our lives.


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  1. Excellent and I totally agree. I think about all the people who have no one to tell them they are special because God knows who you are! Or encourage them at the end of a hard day. Or tell them they Are beautiful because God made them. Or be loved unconditionally by someone. Or most importantly have no one to stand in the gap and pray for them. I may not have a ministry such as yours but thankfully I can encourage someone everywhere I go. 🙂

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