Older Than Dirt

Don Norris who served as minister of music at Grassland while I was pastoring there would often say to our people that I was older than dirt. Since that was more than twenty years ago that means that I really am older than dirt now. But that is not so bad for to be sure dirt is very important, without it we would have nothing to stand on, nothing to grow in, and nothing to hold up all of our great cities. Not bad, dirt is very good.
Because I am older than dirt I grew up in a time that gave me some values that somehow seem to be missing today. For example; I never remember thinking that I would not have to work, that I would not need a job. I don’t remember when that became a concept, but I do know that according to Social Security I have been working since I was eleven, I have never missed a year in sixty five years, not a bad record, I also always knew that I would need to provide for my family, never considered that someone else would do it for me, even in old age the responsibility would still be mine. Now I am not against helping people, in fact I believe it is a command and gift from God that we do so. We must provide for those who cannot provide for themselves, for those who will never be able to do so and for those who have difficult moments, sickness, lost jobs and other such curves in their lives, but we should not make people become dependent on the work of others, if they can they should be taught to do all they can to be independent. I grew up with a love for America that I cannot explain, it was just there, I don’t remembering it being taught to me, I just loved my country. Part of my dirt taught me to be kind to others, I remember in 1954 spending everything I had saved on a family that I discover had a need they could not meet, no one asked me, no one forced me, I knew of a need and I did all I could to make it right. (Search for the story, ‘Christmas 1954’)
My dirt always gave me a love for God, as hard as I try I cannot remember when I didn’t love God, now I have not always done the right thing and I have made a lot of mistakes, but I loved God even when my actions did not speak such.
Maybe part of what our world needs today is some ‘old’ dirt, dirt that will grow a generation of people who will be the next ‘Greatest Generation.’

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