The Enemy at the Door

The Enemy at the Door
Last week we watched in unbelief as an American reporter was savagely killed, filmed and shared before the world. We have never met an enemy like this, without feelings and with a desire to not rule over others but to do away with others, kill those who do not accept your faith, your belief. There is no table to sit around and form an agreement that can lead to a peaceful life for all, you must accept their way or you must perish. We have met a new enemy his strength is in his evil, his desire comes out of the darkness of nothing, and his desire is to stand alone, having defeated all others.
The Isis are a feared people, feared not only by those of us in the west who do not understand their base line but also by their own people who dare to see things in a different light and from a different view. We have met a new enemy and even in our on failures we cannot believe what we hear and what we are told. Believe it my friend for the enemy of God has crawled out of his resting place and life as we have always known it is now forever gone.
God alone can pass us through this future, God alone.

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