But I Will Pray

I kneel to pray but where do I start; surely I will pray for the people of Ferguson, Mo. what a heart ache and dark moment this is for them. Maybe if all the people who are not from there would go home then the people of Ferguson could sit down with one another, the town leaders, the police, the broken families and begin the task of looking closely at what has taken place and what now must be done. So many of the outsiders we see at these ‘media shows’ and they never seem to bring peace, just more heartache and trouble, maybe the people who are Ferguson should sit down and solve this brokenness, just a thought, but I will pray.
Our southern border needs our prayers, the country of Mexico which has long asked us to stop the overflow of people from their nation into ours are now mad because we have placed the National Guard on our side of the border, some people are never happy, hang them with a new rope and they complain, but I will pray.
Liberia and other African nations suffering from the Ebola outbreak are near the breaking point themselves, they need workers, communications, and the trust of their people, they really don’t have that, but I will pray.
The war torn Mid East where thousands have died, where the darkest force we have seen has come upon the scene, the Isis without regard to the freedom and rights of others have decided to destroy everyone who does not agree with them. We may not be able to stop their growth and invasion, it may well be that only God can solve this problem, but I will pray.
Iraqi is burning, its people fleeing, where there once lived 1,300,000 Christians there now lives less than 200,000, Syrah is in the same flames, I do not have the answers, but I will pray.
Russia and the Ukraine are one eye blink away from war, I will pray.
The count could continue but I do not have the time or the space, but I know, now I know where to start, I will pray for myself. That is where I will start, with me.

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  1. Our nation is fragmented, spiritually, morally, and politically.
    I will pray.
    Our homes are broken, our children are broken, our marriages are broken.
    I will pray.
    There are storms of sort all over the world bringing devastation.
    I will pray.
    I have no answers, but I trust the sovereignty of God Almighty!

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