When Suicide Comes


It is so difficult to loose someone we love but when the note comes with the words that it was self-inflected; there are just not words to describe the pain. We ask why, we wonder if something we did or did not do cause that moment of terror, the pain runs like the swiftest of rivers and no answer bring us any peace. All of us have heard this week of the death of Robin Williams, we have all been broken up by his comedy, moved by his ability to make thing funny and leave us in a desperate moment with a smile on our face and peace in our hearts. Most people really liked him and enjoyed his parade before them, but in all honesty Robin Williams never believed that, his soul was never at peace with the laughter, applause, and awards; it was still empty and could not be filled. His death leaves us sad, disturbed, and wondering.

When death come by the stroke of ones on hands my phone always rings and the questions are always the same; is this the act which forever condemns them, is that the unforgivable sin, that one for certain act that send a soul into forever unprepared. I will leave you to make your own decision there but I will share my feelings.

I have had several of these types of funerals, they are difficult, and you cannot begin to understand the pain and heart break. I had one husband who was so certain that this act on the part of his wife forever doomed her, she had no chance. Let me see if I can help, I believe in a God who forgives and who provides us with such a salvation that all of my sins both those before I met Him and all of those since, He covered. Now for certain this death bring great pain, years of unspent life, unheld moments, joys unshared, tears unkissed, deeds undone and the list is too long for this moment. It is terrible both for the deceased and those left behind; but remember God does not yank back His gift; He does not have a return policy.

I am not speaking of Robin Williams, I know nothing of his relationship with the Lord, I am speaking for those who have believed, who have received, and are His. I am a person who believes that we should never judge a person by the worst ten minutes of their lives, don’t take that one moment whatever it is and draw from it a lifetime and an eternity. Suicide never solves a problem, never calms a heart, and never brings peace, but it also does not bring separation to those who have met God and know Him as Lord and Savior. Don’t judge on the bad 10 minutes, let God do the judging. Ivan


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