Love on The Obey

Love on the Obey


Sara walked out to the end of the small jetty that allowed her to see both the Sunset Marina and the large open space of the Lake as the sun found its way toward the water to dipped itself into darkness for the summer night.

She had been coming here since she was ten.  Her family loved the lake, the camp ground, and all the friends who returned each summer, most of them at about the same time each year.

She wondered if he would be here again this year. Their annual two weeks of seeing one another had been going on for the last eight years.  She had met him when he was almost 14 and she ten going on 20.

It had been a strange relationship.  They played in the water; he had taught her to ski, to jump from the high rock cliff on the eastern end of the lake and in general had made the trip from Indiana to Byrdstown something she looked forward to each summer.

They were strange friends in that only Dale Hollow Lake and the summer trips connected them. Since he was older for several years he had treated her like a little sister never showing any romantic interest just a great friend, someone to go to the Dairy Queen with, play a round of putt putt, get a pizza at the Shell, and do what whey liked best just ‘hang out’.

She had always liked him a bit more than just an older brother and two years ago she had done everything but kiss him herself to get some response.  But they had just held hands, enjoyed the warm nights, and felt good together.

He had graduated college last year and had to cut the normal two weeks to only ten days because he was off to the army reserve for training. She wondered if he would come now that he was all grown, she hoped he would but only time would tell the full story.

She had graduated from high school a few weeks ago and would be going to Ball State in the fall.  This might be her last summer at Dale Hollow.

Last year as he got ready to leave he had met her on this very spot, for the first time they embraced as more than friends and he had gently kissed her and said until next year.  Then he walked to his car and like the sun was gone.

He just had to return, this was the important year, this would be the deciding year, he must, he must come she thought to herself as she enjoyed the summer breeze and soon coming night.

She knew the man who approached her, he was his father.  He said, “Are you Sara?”  “Yes” she responded.

“My son Zack gave me a letter to give to you.” he said, “He wanted you to have it in case he couldn’t come this summer.”

She thanked him and took the letter tore it open as quickly as possible then her eyes fixed on the hand written note as she read;

Dearest Sara I asked my dad to give you this letter if I could not make our annual trip to Byrdstown.  Well if you are reading it then I couldn’t come. After I finished my reserve training last summer they called me into active service and I am now on my way to Vietnam.

Sara, you have made these last eight years wonderful.  First as a little sister, sometimes in the way, like sisters can be, but always a joy under all of the trouble, and then slowly as a young lady.

You must have known this past couple of years it was only the difference in our age that prevented me from taking you in my arms and saying that I loved you. I felt honored bound by your young age not to put you in a position you were not ready for but now I want you to know that I do love you and have for several years.  Last year when I kissed you goodbye it was the nicest moment of my life.

Don’t worry if you do not feel the same, I just wanted you to know how I felt.  I shall dream of you in Nam and hope that next summer I will be back in time for our annual visit. Don’t let all the boys on Dale Hollow erase your memory of me. Have a wonderful time and enjoy Ball State.

With love, Zach

She looked with tears falling from her eyes out toward the lake as she read the letter again and again. How wonderful, how truly wonderful.

She heard Zach father approach her again and turned as he said, “Sara, Zach’s mother and I want you to have this, we knew that it would please Zach.” Then he handed her the folded American flag and said, “This was on his coffin last month when they sent him home from Vietnam”

She grabbed the flag held it to her breast and turned with tears flooding her body as she watched the sun slip itself into the lake and the darkest night of her eighteen years became a reality.


Ivan N. Raley

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  1. Hey Ivan,

    I always enjoy reading your stories. This one is so beautiful, my heart leaped when I read the last two paragraphs. You are a wonderful writer. I am blessed to have been lead to your blog.

    When you get a chance, stop by for a fun greet and meet. Please leave your comment under the post, “Who Are You.” Thank you in advance for your fun and inspiring introduction.

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