While the World Crumbles

I believe that most people are very worried about our world; you would almost have to be in the back of a very long cave not to hear the heartbeat of our world that seems so out of step. No peace seems to be able to capture the hearts of Israel and Gaza, the Emboli plague has people worried about travel and stranger they run into, Ukraine is nowhere near peace and Russia seems to be almost laughing at the attempts of other nations to get them to stop their aggression through others. The army of Isis is moving across the country of Iraqi, they are now calling themselves a nation and if no one steps up to stop them they may take several countries before they stop, in fact they may not stop. They kill anyone they wish and televise it so that the world can be sure to know how brutal they are, in 2003 there were one million and three hundred thousand Christians in Iraqi, today there is less than 200,000. Remember the old saying ‘Jumping from the frying pan into the fire.’  Not only is the terrorist army of Isis wicked, they are well equipped, thanks in part to what we left in the country and very rich. Maybe it is time for us to say to the Muslim countries of the world who tell us that there are moderate Muslims to speak up, get their armies together and take care of their bad children the Isis. They know them best, understand them, and are suffering from all the acts of terror that the army is doing, so step up, let the world know that you are moral, that the killings are without merit and cause.  I saw a picture today sent by a pastor of a small, maybe seven years of age girl who had her head cut off and her body left in a street all because her parents were Christians. Have we gone mad, has the world lost its moral fabric? I believe that Americans are so weary of war that it would take a direct attack on our homeland to get us to respond with an army and I certainly understand that, but someone is going to have to step up to the plate before what the bible calls the great army of the north crushes all that is in front of them. I have not mentioned another ten countries where you can find more problems than you can solve, but the soul of an old man can just take so much news of death, without stopping. Pray that the world leaders will find favor in the Lord, come to their senses and draw a line in the sand not made of talk but made of action.  Muslim leaders I call upon you to step to the front and say enough is enough.

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  1. Amen on all!

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