Remember Nineveh

Remember Nineveh, that city where Jonah preached and reached the whole of the city for God? It was in Iraq, in the area of the city of Mosul. It was believed by many to be the city where Thomas the disciple planted the Good News of Jesus, for all of these years since the time of our Lord Christians have lived there, many of the doctors, professors, and lawyers of the area were Christian, the lived among the Muslims, they shopped in the same places, walked the same street, hear the call to pray and built their own great churches, now the Christians are gone, Mosul watched as the last Christians left their homes, cars, possessions and walked from the city, a condemned people, they had to leave, die, or bow to a god they did not believe in, so they left pushing their old people in wheel chairs, but most just walking. The army they we had trained and built would not protect them, the government we put in place turned the other way and the last of the Christians from the once great city of Nineveh left. Across the country of Iraq where our young men died to bring freedom a million of the once 1.4 million Christians have left, the others will follow those who do not already occupy the common ditches called grave yards. We, Americans, had left, our job done, finished, we left and now the very name that wove itself into the fabric of our land has been removed, how insulting to our once proud and great people. Do not find fault with the men who served, not those who died, the blame must be placed directly on the doorstep of our leadership. Once we defended the minority, once we stood and said no, but now, our faith has faded and in a great desire to be politically correct we are too weary to care, too afraid to share, so we leave and watch as these our brothers and sisters in Christ, walk the dusty roads to leave their homes, their lives, their memories in a now forgotten place. Maybe we were wrong to have ever gone there, but certainly we were wrong not to finish the journey.
(While the opinion is mine, much of the information came from this source as well as a source living in Pakistan. You may have to copy and paste to get it to work.}

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