Who Was He

I was on my way to Cookeville to have my car serviced when I noticed a car pulled to the side of the road and a man, I though he looked about my age, standing on the road just looking at it. I stopped, walked back and asked him if he had a phone or would like for me to call someone for him. He nodded no, said it was a flat tire but he didn’t have a spare, so I asked him what I could do and he said that if he could get to the truck stop by interstate 40 and Hwy 111 he could get someone there to help him. I told him to hop in and I would take him, I was running ahead of my schedule and had the time, he got in mumbled something that sounded a bit like thanks and we were off. I tried to get all the information I could, you know me, talking to perfect strangers is my specialty. I asked him if he had been in the army, he said he had, I asked if he was in Nam, and he spoke up for the first time and said, how old do you think I am, I said I had no clue and he said he would be fifty in August, boy I missed that one, he said he had been in during the first gulf war but did not go the area but was stationed in Germany. I asked about one hundred other question, like from around here, married, and family, got no real answers, said he had a friend who worked at the truck stop and he would help him get a tire and put it on his car. I said great, asked if he went to church, he responded by saying one of those are you, I said, yes I guess I am, just love the Lord and wish everyone knew Him, he didn’t respond just said you better get ready with what is going on in Europe and in Israel, you better get ready. I pulled into the station, thanked him for the advice and said in a parting word, hope you meet Jesus, he just looked at me and said, get ready, I thanked him and left. Of course he is right our world is troubled, but he is also wrong, God is still in control. I spent the time they were working on my car wondering who he was, thanking God that Jack and I had gotten through with our visits in time for me to be early and able to pick him up and somewhere in the thoughts asked God to trouble him, or help him, or whatever it was he needed for God to supply that need. I still wonder who he was.

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