Forgiveness Works

I turned four in November of 1941 so the events of December 7, 1941 are more told than remembered. But I do remember much that followed until August of 1945. My uncle and three of my cousins were engaged in the raging battles of the South Pacific. The silence of their homecomings made me realize in the later years that the months spent on the famous beaches of that far off land were forever written into their hearts and lives. I remember the prayers which I heard at every meal and each time our church gathered as protection was invoked from heaven on their lives and the cause for which they served. I remember the nightly news when my family would sit in silence around the Zenith Radio listing for any word of encouragement and hope. I can remember the stars on the flag in our church with the pictures of all the young men and women serving pinned to them and I can still remember the five who were circled because they would never come home. I was not old enough to understand it all but old enough to be fearful and worried as the prayers of our nation asked God for victory over our enemies.

About three years ago our once enemy was slammed with a fist of disaster and left struggling for hope and renewal. Then on Sunday I heard as you did the prayers of millions of Americans as they lifted up the nation of Japan and her people for protection and healing. Our once angry voices were now subdued as we warmly and sincerely asked for the protection of those who were once enemies. As I listened both to myself and others I realized that forgiveness does work, it is both real and healing and because it is; all of us can stand taller before our King and Lord. For none of us are without guilt and none stand outside the need of forgiveness.

As a nation we may not need healing from natural disasters but we stand greatly in need of healing from our own failures, our turning our backs on God, our looking the other way when wrong prevails; yes we need healing, we need to pray for our leaders, lift them before out Lord, ask the Father to send a Joseph to our Land and our leaders. We need to be forgiven.


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