Holding God

Holding God

Simeon was an old man and he had waited a lifetime to see God’s gift the Messiah. When he held him he told God he was ready to leave this world.

My wife and I both had the opportunity to hold God this week.  Carole was buying gas when a man approached her and asked for money, giving the usual long story with all of its woes.  She handed him the four dollars she had – looked straight in his eyes and said, “I don’t know what you are going to do with this money, but I charge you in the name of Christ that you use it correctly, did you hear that?”

I met a man at Pilots who asked for food. I took him inside; he said they would not let him go in but I told him that I knew the people and if he was with me he would be welcomed; I got him a foot long sub, with chips and a very large coke, then sit at a table with him and ate my lunch as he ate his.

I know; I know what you are thinking, and you have the odds on your side of being right, I also know that God would not want us to be enablers, but you see we both did what we felt God wanted us to do.  We have no control over the actions, good or bad, of others, but I know what our hearts were saying and I know that we held Jesus.


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  1. Jesus would have loved and fed the hungry too, and He always knew their motives and their heart. But he recognized their physical need in tandem with their spiritual need. Well done good and faithful servant is all you will hear from the Father on that one!

    • Yes His heart is large and He puts it into our hearts to open them to those who need. Thanks for reading.

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