Even In Darkness

Even in Darkness

Dad and I decided to explore a cave in a hill side near the Tennessee River just outside of Perryville.  We both had a light and we walked several hundred feet back into the cave making a number of turns until the outside light left and there was only the light which we had with us. We came to a wall with a small opening near the top.  Dad could see through the opening and knew that the other side was safe but he could not get through the opening so I decided to give it a try and see what magic we might discover. As I crawled through the opening I fell dropping my light and kicking dad’s light out of his hand. There I was in total darkness on the other side of a wall from my father and unable to see anything. Of course I called out and dad very calmly answered me and told me to just be still and not move.  Soon I saw the flicker of a light as he handed me a candle which he had brought with us for just such an event. With the small light of that candle and the one he lit for himself I was able to go back through the opening to the side where dad was.

It was a great relief to once again be in his care and to have the light of our two candles.

You know God is like that, He is always with us and He is always able to provide light for our every need. Why live in darkness when you can live gloriously in His light? After all Jesus is the light of the world and where He is there is no darkness.


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