Martin The Centurion


William Barclay in his “Daily Study Bible” mentions a Roman solider – Here is my version of the story.

The Centurion Martin a solider of rank in the Roman Army and a Christian in his heart and actions was marching his troops toward a town one cold winter day when he was met by a beggar asking for a coin. Martin told him that he had no coin, but looking at his almost frozen and starved body he pulled him under his coat and then with the mercy seldom shown a beggar took out his knife and cut his coat in half. He place the old worn and dirty coat around the beggar and pulled it tight so that he might stay warm in the cold of the winter night that was coming. Then Martin took a small loaf of hard bread from his pouch and gave it to the beggar saying please eat, I will find more for myself in the morning.

That night as his men made camp the Centurion covered himself with the other half of his dirty, worn, and now torn coat and fell into the sleep of the righteous.

Martin saw Jesus in glory wearing his old, dirty, worn, and ripped coat, while clutching in his hand a piece of hard brown bread. One of the angels seeing his Master dressed so asked, “Master why are you wearing that old ragged cloak, and why are you eating that hard piece of brown bread?” Jesus answered the angel saying, “My friend Martin gave me this coat and this piece of bread so I wanted to wear his coat and eat his food, for he shared it with me.”

Jesus said in Matthew chapter 25 vs. 40 ‘Inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these My brethren, you did it to Me.’

Maybe the story will help us see how precious the moments are when we give of ourselves to others.


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