Listen With Your Heart

I had been at the Children’s home only a couple of weeks when the call came from a houseparent whom I had known for a long time.  He was in a panic, there was trouble in the cottage and he needed me.

When I arrived I saw a ten year old boy standing in the corner looking like he was in shock and a houseparent red faces and very mad. Before I could ask what was happening the housefather told me, pointing at the boy and almost shouting, “He called me old, ugly and fat, and I am not going to take that from him.”  To cut to the point I took the boy for a walk and he apologized; the housefather accepted his apology and the young man went to his room. I invited the father to go outside and sit with me awhile on the back porch. In the course of our conversation I almost laughed and he asked me what I found so funny. I looked at him, called his name and said, “You know the truth is that both of us are old, ugly and fat.” It took a couple of years for this to seem funny to him and he responded to me that no kid was going to talk to him like that.  I told him that I understood and said, “Let me offer you a come back for when this happens again, say something like this, ‘You’re right but with a smart mouth like yours you wont  live long enough to be old, ugly and fat.’ I had learned on the walk that the boy was not mad at his housefather, but rather his father whom he had never known, his mother who loved drugs more than she loved him and many other turns that life had thrown him. Sometimes we really do need to listen with our hearts.

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