I Need To Get Out More

As most of you know I live most of the time in Byrdstown, TN, it is a town of less than 500 people, in a county of about 5,000 people, we don’t have a city police force, nor do we have a traffic light; now I did have to wait a bit the other day on Oak street for a Squirrel  to cross but then I am not sure they know one color from another so it might not make any difference, however I do think they would learn to use the lines which would hold the fixture in place as their way across the street now that would save a number of them, but I understand that such lights cost a lot of money, but then I drift; I am very good at drifting, in fact many of my church members have mentioned that; I even heard once that they had a committee looking for a non drifter, but you and I know that such a preacher would not teach them some of the wonderful ‘little’ things which I often drift toward; see how well I drift? So you have the point, I live in a small town, great town, but small, in fact most people are related to all the other people except for those of us who are called ‘ship ins’, that’s folks like me. Now and then I venture down to Nashville where Carole and I have another home, did that this Monday; have to get up real early there because Carole has to go to work early, like the clock goes off at 5:00 AM, six thirty is about right for me, can’t really think of any reason to get up much before then unless someone is taking me fishing, then I can stay awake all night just thinking about the big one that I am going to catch; there I go drifting. So I am up early Tuesday and decide to go out to the church where I use to pastor, no one there when I arrived so I went to a place, maybe I should not name it, but coffee is in the name, decided I could get some breakfast. Wow, it was different than the places in Byrdstown, now I can remember when it was a grocery store, just a few years ago, but they have fixed it up to look very old, book shelves along the walls, lots of paintings, I think they are for sell, couches for seats, also a few tables, some high, some low, they had a lot of coffee, I don’t drink coffee but I did find an unsweetened spice tea, not bad, a bit costly, but then I am in the big time, from the looks of the cars out front and the homes in the area I would say they make my annual salary in about a month, but now they were nice, they looked at me a long time when I came in, some even grinned a bit, could have been because of my hat, but most likely it was my age, they were all about half and less than me; all of them had a phone, tablet or computer on the table in front of them and man they were going to town, not sure who they were taking to but it had to be important because even though they were with others most of them were not there; they were somewhere inside of the magic box that they kept punching. Never did find any eggs, bacon or biscuits, did find a nice muffin, very good, not bad, but I do need to get out more, learn how to work the little boxes, sit at the table, look at the people, find a different hat and look up really surprised when somebody as old as I am walks in.


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