The Last Visit

Good Bye to My Father

On June the 9, 1987 I went to Jackson to visit Dad, it was about nine in the evening when I arrived; as I enter the room and kissed him on his head he asked me if I had seen Jesus, if you know me very well you have heard the story a hundred times, I asked him to repeat himself, that I didn’t think I had understood him, he asked again about my seeing Jesus, I told him I didn’t think so and asked why he wanted to know, he said that he had seen mother and she had told him that Jesus was coming for him. Mother had died in 1977. I asked him how he felt about what she had said and he said that he was glad that he was tired of being ‘wallowed’ around and wanted to go home, I asked him if he was hurting anywhere, he said no, I asked if there was anything he needed, he said he didn’t think so, then I asked if there was anything he wanted, he answered that he would like for someone to hold him.  I crawled in bed with him, wrapped him in my arms and we both fell asleep, about two in the morning I woke and slipped out of bed, kissed him on his head and headed for the door, he woke up and asked if I was leaving, I told him I was, I walked back to the bed and kissed him, said, ‘Dad I love you.’ Told him good bye and walked toward the door, and without looking back I said, “What did she look like?” he said, ‘Like the day I married her.’ I left with a lot of tears, drove back to Nashville remembering so many times and places, wept a lot of tears, got a few hours’ sleep and my sister Alice called to say that he had left. I guess that even though I didn’t see Jesus, He was there, Wow, just think, ‘like the day I married her.’

Thanks, both mom and dad, for a wonderful life, I still love and miss you even as an old man.


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  1. Thank you for sharing.

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