She Didn’t Come Home

The house mom said that he had been crying for a long time and she just did not know what to do. I went by the house and asked Wayne if he would go sit in the swing with me out in the front yard.  He did not want to but he did. I could see that he had been crying so I said, “Tell me Wayne, what has got you upset?” He said, “She didn’t come home”. “Who didn’t come home Wayne?” I asked “Mother,” he answered, “Daddy said she would come home but she didn’t and now it has been a long time and she still has not come home.” I was there now, I knew the problem. I talked to him about the bad dream he had and how he probably had it often. Always around his mother not coming home. He nodded, and I hugged him and we talked about a few good memories he had when his mother was at home and life was nice. I talked about how much his house parents loved him and how very sad we were that mother had not come home and dad had to bring him and his sisters to live with us. It wasn’t an answer, I understood that, but it helped him get it out and talk about all that was burning inside of him.  It is hard at eight to have a hurt so big inside that never goes away. You blame yourself, your dad, your brothers and sisters and even those of us at the children’s home. See when the hurt is so large sometime it just comes out even when we don’t want it to. Wayne was a good kid, he was very little trouble, but the dreams and hurts sometimes just overflowed out of him.  Maybe it would be anger, maybe fear, maybe like this morning tears.  Be careful when you judge other people, remember you can never know the giant that lives within, the hole that forms in their heart and the hurt that will not go away.  Wayne got better that day, but I knew there would be other days and other tall mountains and sharp curves.  All we could do was to hold him and assure him that we were going to be there, we would come back, because we would never leave.  Pray for the people who spend their lives holding the Wayne’s of this world, they are giant people and need our prayers.


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