The Weekend

The weekend was wonderful; the weather was great and the events outstanding. More than 90 mothers and daughters attended our banquet on Saturday night and Sunday morning was a service filled with joy. It is always such a fun time to honor our mothers, we had the oldest, the one with the most children there, most children in the family and all the mothers who had giving birth to a child since last Mother’s Day. Then we invited all of our ladies to stand so that we could honor them and pray for them; it was lovely.

Sunday afternoon I preached the Baccalaureate message to our high school class of 2014. What a joy it was for a man who has been out of school for 59 years to be able to share with the young people of our current class. I reminded them that Life was there’s, God Given, God Breathed, God Designed, but there’s to choose to live for Him or for themselves. I encouraged them to Live to Love, Live to Learn, Live to Last, and Live to Leave.  It was a real honor for me to play this few minutes in their lives. While they will no doubt never remember a thing I said, I will, and in that I will rest and be comforted. We have a small high school, but it is filled with well educated and dedicated teachers and in our smallness we still ranked in the top 5% of schools in Tennessee. It is not always bad to be from small town America.  Ivan

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