Coming Home

Coming Home

As you may have noticed I did not post last week; I believe this was the first time since I was in Israel in 2008 that I went the full week without posting anything.  I guess you would say I was taking a vacation. I drove Sunday night to Spartanburg, SC, spent the night there and then drove to Myrtle Beach on Monday morning.  Carole flew in from Detroit on Monday night and we spent the rest of the week together.  We were not in a conference, did not attend any growth clinics, went to no special study, just tried our very best to do nothing.  From our hotel suite on the eleventh floor we had a great view of the ocean, beach and much of the strip of Myrtle Beach. It was fun and warming to see the great hand of God as He has prepared our wonderful world, the movement of the tide and the ever flowing sound of the ocean reminded us that this entire world is under the direction of our King. We slept late, ate breakfast at different places and went out in the evening to great dinning. We walked the beach, shopped some, sit still a lot and watched those around us enjoying them selves in the sunshine of His world. On Thursday we drove to Ashville, enjoyed a light meal on the top of a building overlooking the mountain drawn sky of the west, watching as the sun found it sleeping place and dropped beyond our view to bring us the cool evening of night. We drove home on Friday and coming home is always a joy, for there really is no place like home. We talked a lot, saw a lot, enjoyed it all and remembered for a moment that there was a time when we were young and life like this venture was new and moving. But Coming Home was just as beautiful, for Coming Home is what we all travel for and look forward to.  Ivan

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