Follow the Footprints

At our home on 246 South Lindsey Street my dad had built a large work shop out back. It was both a wood working shop as well as a place for dad to show his collection of Indian artifacts.  I still remember a winter when I was about six that it snowed really deep. Of course to a six year old boy who was very small for his age five or six inches seemed like a couple of feet. I was thrilled with the white covering of our Lindsey Street world and had spent the day outside playing in its beauty. After supper dad decided to go out to his shop and I decided to follow him.  Since my boots were wet and put away to dry I only had on my school shoes and did not wish to get them wet so I devised a great plan; I jumped from footprint to footprint that my father had left in his walk to the shop. To my joy I arrived at the shop with shoes clean and dry. I learned something that late afternoon, follow your Fathers steps and you have a great path. Later as a father I learned to leave footprints that would allow your children to follow you anywhere without going astray.

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  1. Oh that’s an awesome story… I loved it!!!

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  2. Beautiful! It is so easy to visualize that one, while recognizing there is a lesson for life there.

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