It Was Thursday

It Was Thursday

It was Thursday, the meal had been prepared and Jesus and all of His disciples stood around the table dressed, ready to travel, and ate the meal, it was the custom of the day, for they would remember how their people had been saved the night the angel of death passed over the doors marked by the blood of the Lamb, though most would not realized it; this was the last Passover, never again would such a meal be required for now they stood in the presence of The Lamb, tomorrow would see the Lamb slain, the blood spilled, and sin forever paid for, it was Thursday. They hurried for a seat at the table, all wanted to be as near to Jesus as they could be, but He, He was wrapped in a towel, caring a bowl of water washing their feet; God of the universe, maker of Heaven and Earth, bowing before them, washing their feet. It was Thursday.

He took the bread and blessed it, reminded them that it would be his body which would be given for them and they ate; He took the cup and spoke of His blood which would be shed for their sins, they drink from it; It Was Thursday.

Never again would a lamb have to die to remind them of forgiveness, never again would the post of the door be required to be marked by the blood, the Passover was over, It was Thursday and tomorrow He would pay it all.


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  1. Powerful!

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