I Worry

I Worry – A Lot

Now I know what you are thinking; I thought you were a minister, preacher, and pastor of a church, how can you worry? Well let me tell you how; just wake-up, that is all it will take, maybe turn on the news just to get the weather and hear all that is taking place around you; worried yet? Hey I went to the doctor on Wednesday, he was busy so I had some time to kill; he has these great medical books, wow, I found four new diseases that I have that I did not even know about, cures, medicine, all sorts of things in that office; you are going to worry.

I start worrying on Sunday night about what I am going to preach on Wednesday night and the next Sunday; I love to get ahead. I know I hear you; as a preacher how can you worry about your sermons? Easy, just think I am going to say here is what God wants me to share with you; is that not a proper subject to worry about? I really have to listen close, pray, study, think and yes worry a bit, I really do need to get that one right. Then there is my age; just think I am going to die sooner than most of you, what if no one comes to the funeral, what if people say; glad that is over?  Don’t get ahead of me, I do not worry about where I am going, that is not the problem; it is the getting there, now don’t you worry just a bit? Of course this could go on for a long time; was I a good person, good husband, father, friend, pastor, yep we could be here for a long time. Just think about the people who have no hope for the future, the list is for all eternity.

But that which troubles me the most, grinds at my heart, places shadows over the future is my concern for my nation. I love America but it breaks my heart and brings worry to my soul what we are doing to the greatest nation in all of history.  God has placed us in this wonderful land and we have so misused it, abused it, and allowed freedom to mean anything to all that is wrong and nothing to all that God holds dear. We act like we hate anyone and everyone who dares to hold a different view; we know better, views we can oppose, dislike, but people; people should be treasured, loved, and given the hope in God that we have found.

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  1. I love you and every message I’ve heard. BOY You put things in sharp perspective. So many things I did not know that you worried about. As for people not ‘being there’s, they must have the problem. Definitely cannot imagine not hearing you. Your messages have all been amazing to me. Saddens me that people hurt you without a second thought. I will pray for your continued service to GOD. I believe you will get a bigger message to retire other than rude people, surely GOD has the higher VOICE than that. You keep on keeping on. Rest whenever you can, catch those lazy fish but please don’t leave SOMETHING until you know for real. With loving thoughts and prayers, I am sincerely, Ann Buckley.

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