I Saw Him


He was a large man, well over six feet tall and I am sure close to 275 in weight, big hands, feet, and under all of that he had a great heart.

I saw him hurt but never mad. Sometimes those whom he loved so much would do just some dumb things. They wouldn’t think of his feelings or anyone else’s they would just bully on as if they either owned the world or someone owed it to them. I was there when people took advantage of his good nature, made him the blunt of bad jokes, borrowed money they never intended to repay, and drove his car, once even wreaking it without so much as I’m sorry.

I saw him work hard and have others take advantage of his earnings. I saw him grow old while taking care of others, but seldom remembering to take care of himself and never complaining.

I saw him when he was leaving this world driven to death by a body that could not maintain its functions and a disease which paid him no respect and demanded the fullest measure of pain.

I saw him die, but I never saw him angry, mad, and bad tempered, or seeking to get even. I just saw him hurt.


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