Wrong Room


I realized I was in the wrong room as soon as I saw the patient. I apologize but the man said, “No sir, you are in the right room. Will you hear my confession?” Now I was really confused but I took his hand and said, “Certainly, but I really think you want God to hear your confession.” I know”, he responded but I have been waiting all day for someone to pray with me. I want to know that I am saved.” I took his open bible from his bed, turned to Romans and then to First John 5:13.

I was on my knees having prayed and now listing to him pray when I sense someone enter the room. When he finished I turned and the nurse said, “Thank God you came, he has been asking for you all day, thank you, thank you.”

I spoke with her a moment, through his shouts of joy, explained that I had entered the wrong room then kissed him on his forehead, prayed again. Tears flowed down his face and onto the pillow. The nurse wept, and I slipped out of the room with her saying, “You didn’t come to the wrong room, God sent you.” St. Thomas Hospital November 11, 2009

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