The Joys of a Long Day


Friday was really a long day; driving more than 500 miles, is enough to make me feel like I am pass my going but in the long-ness of the day and the weary way in which it left my body, I am still refreshed and renewed for the trip took me more than miles it took me back home and back to other days and other times. Not only is the scenery of the area of Wayne county and those that join it beautiful but to be able to see so much that I have not seen in more than ten years was wonderful. The town now has a McDonalds and like the burger palace of the world the one in Waynesboro was filled both that morning when I stopped and again in the afternoon. The little town has grown; some empty building mark the town square but others are new, remolded, and seemed to be busy.

But it was not the scenes of the trees and town that filled my heart,  it was the people; I went to visit with Lawrence and his family, to share with them some of the sweet moments of time gone, how lovely it was to hug each of them again and to see and hear how beautiful the home going of Imogene had been was more than enough to make the long day one that counts; but then there were so many others, some I am sure it has been thirty years since I have seen, wow, how wonderful. No one had aged as much as I have but each was encircled by all of the beautiful years of serving our Lord, living in a small town, and caring for one another. It felt good to see some wonderful people of the past, I owe them so very much, and I shall die in debt, for God has given me far more than I have given to Him. Would I go again, sure, even tomorrow? God has been so wonderful to me, the joys of years now gone, the beauty of those now lived, God has been so very good to me; I am a blessed man.


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