Thankful Sarge, Thankful

PFC Baker after struggling through the surf, dodging the thousands of bullets that had come his way, and loosing everything he had eaten the past three days found himself leaning against the blown out American tank, hung in a ravine on the beach at Normandy. His Sgt. dropped down beside him and said, “How are you Baker?” Thankful Sarge, Thankful.

Ten thousand men died that June day in 1944. When the war ended we left 104,366 men buried in the soil of Europe. America will forever have a presence in Europe wanted or not.

I have seen that beach, touched that soil and knelt before the graves of those buried at our cemetery in Normandy. So many of them were so very young; life was just starting, wives, sweethearts, parents, and children were waiting at home. Windows in home across America displayed a blue star for the living and gold stars for those who would never come home. Our land and our people worked daily for their victory, our people prayed, our news reminded us of the dangers that they faced and the glory that they should share. I was small but old enough to understand when my teacher returned to the class room one day with a face washed in tears, she had just learned that her blue star showing for her brother would now turn to gold. I remember my own tears and those of our class mates for we were all together, we were one people, one cause, one great hope, and one country searching, praying, working, and fighting for victory. I wonder what happened to that oneness, what happened to those common dreams, beliefs, and values. How did we become what we are today? When was the change, what happened to our hearts that caused us to be so divided? I remember those days, I remember Lindsey Street, Calvary church and that the young man across the street, Lt, Murray Evans now had a gold star and would remain in the soil of Normandy. Will God have to bring some great disaster, another Sunday in December or Tuesday in New York to make us one?

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