The Years Passed

It was time and he knew it, past time in fact, his wife had been dead for three years now and the house was more than he could take care of, beside since she left it had never felt or smelled the same. His daughters, all three of them, had worked at keeping the house, they had even hired a lady to come weekly and give it that real going over, but it was not the same now that Sara was gone no one could make it what it once had been. He looked at her picture, class of 1942, time had passed, everything, almost everything had changed. They married the Summer of 42, he went off to the Army and now some sixty three years later he was leaving again, but this time he would not come back, he was certain of that but it would all be ok. His daughters had rented him an apartment in one of those assisted living high rises and he would move he really did need to move. He put the picture on the bed, looked at the one of the two of them that day when they married, just children he thought, but the war and their on children had made them grow quickly into adults. He pulled his bible off of the table by the bed and placed it beside the two pictures; he just stared, felt the tears and then heard his daughter voice as she asked him what he wanted to take beside the few clothes they had already picked out. “How about my taking those two pictures, the bed, the chest that matches it and my bible”, he answered. “Sure dad”, she said, “we could get you a new bed if you like but we can move that one.”  “Took us two years to save the money for that bed and chest, Patton’s delivered it and we slept on it for more than 40 years, I have always been able to depend on it, not only would it hold your mom and I but it bound us to a faithfulness to one another. I never worried about her and she never had to worry about me, that was our bed, only ours. Of course the pictures keep my heart, and that book, that bible led both of us to Jesus and will take me someday to join her in glory, those will be enough to bring from the past for they will take me well into all the future.”

The years passed and he was right.


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