Lunch With Mark Lowery

Some time ago I had lunch with Mark Lowery, who is best know as a Christian comic and singer with Bill Gaither, but who is the author of the great Christian song, “Mary Did You Know?”

We had met for lunch about a number of things but since he had given me an autographed copy of both the words and CD of the song it opened the door for me to talk with him about that wonderful song.

I asked him to tell me the story of its creation. He said that he had listened to a Christmas message by his pastor and then read the gospel accounts of the birth of Jesus. After that he said it was like angel voices just rushing the words to his heart and pen.

Just think this young unmarried girl was told by an angel that God had chosen her to be the earthly vessel to give His son human form.

Can you understand even in the smallest amount the trouble this must have caused her heart? What would the man she was pledged to marry say? Think about the gossip that would fill the marked place when she started to show that she was expecting a baby. Even in our modern world of anything goes most of us still believe that children should be born to a married couple. Yes the heart of Mary must have been filled with both the emotions of glory and the doubts of everyday life.

Mark and Buddy Greene, who co-authored the song, hit it right in the words to the song. I wonder how much she did understand. Jesus, her son, was God, wow, try sleeping with that thought.  This baby was to work wonders, perform miracles, cause a dead man to come out of the grave, blind men to see, crippled men to walk, and enemies to become friends.

Men would laugh at Him, scorn Him, and fall down and worship Him.  Not only would she hold him as a baby, bathe him as a child, feed him from her breast but she would also hold his still lifeless body as she watched him die for her sins.

It was hard to contain myself as I listened to Mark and saw his face glow as he shared his story of the song.  I never see him now on television without remembering that this man who can be so funny also penned the words to, “Mary Did You Know?”


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  1. One of the most beautiful songs. As a mother it reminds me how we never know what the lives of our children will be like but that loving them is of utmost importance.

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