Today is Monday

Today is Monday

Yes today is Monday, I am glad, I like Mondays, and they say it will be Monday all day, man that is great, cause like I said I like Mondays. I use to not like Mondays, they were not good days I would rather just jump to Tuesday, but there is no path that gets you to Tuesday without going through Monday so ever Monday I would just have to endure. You see the reason I didn’t like Mondays is that I am a preacher and Sunday is a very special day, most of my life I have preached no less than twice on Sunday and for many years I preached three times on Sunday and taught Sunday School, great days those Sundays, I wish we had two morning services now, we don’t; really can’t fill one as we should but that is another subject.  Why did I not like Mondays? Well I never got any sleep on Sunday night, I would be awake all night worried about what I had said on Sunday, I would go over each word, I could even remember where I was standing and who I was looking at when I said most things. All night I would worry; now don’t preach to me I know that the bible says to ‘worry about no thing’, and I believe that, I just didn’t practice it on Sunday night. I would get up Monday get the morning newspaper and look for a job, really every Monday it was job searching, I even found a couple but when it came time to take the job and leave the church I would say, no, I will give it a couple of more Sundays. Maybe I would improve, maybe I would feel different but then it was back to the sleepless Sunday nights and hating Monday.  Well what happened, I now love Monday so what changed I am still doing the same thing; I got older.  Yep I did, really older and you no how long it has been since I have seen a job for a man my age, wow, years, so I just don’t look anymore. You never see and add that says, ‘Must be over seventy to apply’, never, why not even a church would want a man my age so the hunt is over and now I love Mondays. I love my church, love the people, love the town and we don’t have a Monday morning paper in Byrdstown, so no where to hunt, no reason to hunt cause I love Mondays.  Ivan

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