Do It Now

In Memory of Jim Allen, a friend from another time.

They take good care of him. They keep him clean, make sure that he receives his medication, and eats as much of his meals as he can. He sleeps a lot, sits in a wheel chair, head bowed, eyes sometimes opened, sometimes closed.

No one is sure what travels through his mind, how much he knows and how much he understands of what he hears. Sometimes he smiles and his eyes almost reach out and touch you but most of the time they just focus on something far away.

It could be that they focus on what no one in the care center knows about. Life in Brazil, touching others for Christ, telling the old, old story of the love and care of Jesus to those who would have never known.  Maybe they focus on the ‘Rain Forest’ of Belize, the Mayan Indians, or those in refuge camps who once heard his voice, responded to his Father’s Message and saw in Christ their hope of eternity? Maybe it was some of the boys from the school where he taught beside the BelmopanRiver. They learned to read, add and subtract a bit, know about their history, and the love which the Heavenly Father has for them.

Are could it be the dirty villages of Mexico, the tent meetings, showings of the Jesus Film, and the bright eyes of the teens coming to know the Lord?

His thoughts might even be of someone like you who sent him a letter, said a prayer, gave a gift, and now like so many others have vanished somewhere into the far away memory.

Here is a servant of the Lord, one of God’s children, with a life time of service and those who see him do not know.  They cannot say thank you for the full life, thank you for the voice that once shared the good news; for they do not know. Daily they make their rounds and daily they provide the care, fulfill their responsibility but like men and women drawn as stick figures they just move in front of his eyes and pass before the chair to which he is tied.  You can’t blame them; they have no way of knowing the journey that brought him to this place of wheel chairs, moaning voices, and faces unmarked by emotion.

His feet blackened with poor blood flow that walked hundreds of miles to touch the lives of others tell nothing of those ventures.  They just require constant care and bring about sleepless nights where rest never really comes even though the eyes are closed and all would say he is sleeping, it is not sleep, not real sleep, just moments of darkness waiting for the hope that is to come.

He is not alone for many others like him have outlived their health. In the modern world of medicine their bodies continue with the required beats but they no longer make them respond to commands, no longer force them to stand, and no longer are moved by them to places and moments of joy.

All of us weep when we see him. Our hearts are touched and our desire is to run, to run as fast as we can back to the world that moves, feels, responds, and brings us too many thoughts to be moved any more by this sadness. If it were not possible for us to remove these thoughts even for brief moments we would be consumed in the tears and torn by the sadness.  We must run, our well being demands it of us.

Maybe the lesson for us is to send the note while eyes can read and ears can hear? We must give the flowers while noses can smell and beauty can be beheld.  Our hugs, our tears, our thank you and our voice of well done must not be withheld, must not wait for the proper moment, we must give it now, now before the world of stick figured people begin to proved the care and the unmeaning noises fill their ears.

Moments are too precious, opportunities too fleeting, and time to unreliable for us to wait another day. Do it now! Let the air be filled with the sounds of your gratitude, let the world of sight be full of your smiles and thank you and let those whom you love feel and see and know of your deep appreciation and high esteem. Do it now!



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