Going Home

He threw back the covers and put his feet on the floor, morning had come and it was time for him to start the day. He looked at the picture on the table beside his bed and remembered how young he was so long ago when it had been taken. He had just graduated from Annapolis and received his commission as an Ensign in the Navy.  Like a number in his class they had been married the first week after graduation. Now more than sixty years later he remembered that day like yesterday.  He touched the side of the bed where she had spent more than fifty years as his wife. She was gone, two years now and life seemed so lonely. He struggled to the +bathroom, saw himself in the mirror and wondered who that old man could be. It took him more than an hour to get ready, when he was the Captain of his sub he could do it in five minutes but the years had taken their toll and now it was a real effort. He looked in the closet and noticed the uniform that he had not worn in twenty years. He put it on, it was too large, but the four gold stripes still glowed as bright as they had when he first became a four striper, Captain in the Navy.

He walked to the small park near his high-rise, purchased a pack of peanuts, found a seat on a bench and started feeding the squirrels.

The young boy broke from his mother and ran over to the bench and jumped up beside him. The mother started to call her son away, but he said it was ok.  The boy asked him if he was a solider, he smiled, and said that he was like a solider but he was in the Navy. The boy asked if he had been on the great big boats and how it was. He told him that he had been on large boats but most of the time he was on a sub, a boat that went under the water.  “Wow!” the boy said, “That had to be great down under the ocean. How did all the fish look when you were down so deep?” he asked.  He laughed and said “Well we couldn’t see the fish because we didn’t have any windows in our subs.” “No window the boy said, “How did you get home it you couldn’t see out?” The old man smiled and explained to the boy that they had an instrument that they would tell that they wanted to go home and it would set the course for them and following it would get them home. The boy listed carefully and said, “You had God on your boat cause mommy told me that even if I couldn’t see God if I would follow Him he would always lead me just right.” The Captain said, “I think your mother is right son, yes we had God, and when you follow Him He will always lead you home.” The small boy jumped down and ran to tell his mother about the solider that had God on his boat. On his way home the Captain smiled as he remember the time with the boy and how right he was that God, even when you couldn’t see Him would always lead you home. That night the old Captain received new orders, ‘Time to go home.’ And true to His word God led him to his new home port even the one he could not see.


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  1. Ok, another sweet tearjerker!😊

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