Everyone Loves A Picnic

Everyone loves a picnic and how much nicer it is down by the lake. Even in the winter time I see people with their food scattered and everyone huddled around enjoying a picnic.

Well Isaac was no exception, he loved to roam around see all the sights and then find a great place to enjoy a nice lunch before he moved on to more adventures of exploring.  Today he was excited his mom had fixed him a nice lunch and had told him he was old enough now to go down by the lake and spend the full afternoon just playing around.  She admonished him not to climb any dangerous rocks and to stay out of the lake and with a big hug she gave him his dad’s leather bag filled with the goodies for lunch, kissed him on the head and sent him on his way.

It was over the rocks, through the fields off to stand close to the lake and skip rocks as long as he liked. He would count the times the rock would skip and he just bet he could make one skip seven times.

In his excitement he notices the man pulling up to the shore in the small boat and just standing there as though he was waiting for someone to come. Over his shoulder he saw the crowd of people coming out of the trees finding places to sit and all of them staring at the man in the boat.

It looked like the man was moving among the people, touching some of them speaking to all of them.  He saw a man some people had carried get up and run out to the lake and back after the man had touched him.  Isaac started to leave but like most boys his curiosity got the best of him.  He put down his skipping rock and walked to be where he could see and hear all that was happening.

It was amazing, this man spoke like no one he had every heard.  His voice was calm but demanding, soft yet it filled the whole of the large crowd. He made no big thing of touching the people and watching their eyes open and the arms and legs move.  It just seemed to Isaac that he was doing what was very natural for him to do.

The afternoon drew on and Isaac remembered the leather pouch and the lunch his mom had prepared.  He got it out and had just started to dig in when this man asked, “You going to eat that by yourself?”  Isaac looked at the five small pieces of bread and the two little fish and said with a studier. “You can join me if you like.”  The man told him that the ‘Teacher’ needed the lunch and Isaac put it back in the pouch and handed it to him saying, “Sure, I bet he is real hungry after all the work I have watched him do.  Give it to him but be sure to bring my dad’s pouch back.”

Isaac’s world then became a wonder, like a dream, yet really, really real. The Teacher with great compassion for the people begins to organize them, he had them to gather in small groups and sit on the ground. Then the moment became unbelievable as he took the leather pouch Isaac had given to the man, prayed over it like it was a great meal and begin to pass out to some of the special guys’ food to take out to all of those gathered on the ground.  Isaac got some of the food himself as did all the other in his small group.  They ate, laughed, listened and had a wonderful picnic.  When the people begin to go away Isaac noticed that the sun was getting low and he must hurry to get home so as not to worry him mom.  The man who had asked for his lunch stopped him and handed him a basket saying, “Take this home to your family for dinner.  By the way your Dad’s pouch is on the top there.”

Isaac eyes filled with tears as he made his way back to the small house where he lived.  His eyes filled with tears as he told himself the story of that afternoon preparing to share it with his family. No one would believe him, it was just too impossible.  Why one of the men had said there were more than 5,000 people at that picnic.  Had he really fed that many people?

In time Isaac came to realize that he had fed no one.  But he had given The Teacher what he had and The Teacher had used his small contribution to do a great work.

Isaac came to see like the rest of us that when we put what we are able to do into the hands of Jesus, our little become enough for not only ourselves but for everyone touched by us.

Everyone loves a picnic and I would love to have been at that one.

From Matthew 14:13-21


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